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  • Chalmit Protecta III LED
  • CEAG LLK 98 LED Industrial Linear
  • Ex Dist Boards
  • Hawke EA Easy Access
  • Raxton Slider

Featured Products

A selection of our featured products

New Products

  • Chalmit Protecta III LED Luminaire
    The Chalmit Protecta III LED hazardous area Ex e luminaire is designed for use in Zone 1 areas The rugged Protecta combines high quality and low maintance. In stock & available to buy now........
  • Chalmit HDL106N LED Floodlight
    Once manufactured by Hadar is the New Chalmit HDL106N LED Floodlight, allowing up to six modules interlinked, providing an effective and efficient replacement for conventional high power HID floodlights, up to 400W.

Recent News

The latest news from Cable Systems

  • Hazardous area equipment that makes itself heard

    Some hazardous area equipment should be seen, but hopefully not heard - for instance, you might hope you will never hear an alarm or siren go off unless it's being tested. But in some of the noisiest environments, there are certain types of hazardous area equipment for which being heard is part of the core functionality. An example of this is when you need to make a telephone call from an industrial location or an exposed position on an oil rig. In a working industrial environment, with unpredictable weather conditions, it's not always easy to make yourself heard on a phone call unless you have the right equipment. The GAI-Tronics Auteldac 4 is one wall-mounted telephone that knows how to get your attention, with a sounder capable of ringing at up to 90 dB. Once in use, its noise reduction function can help to boost the voice signal over any surrounding turbulence in a busy or loud setting. And with the addition of an acoustic hood over the telephone position, users have a physical cocoon to duck inside, blocking out a further 9 dB of background noise and making sure important calls can not only be made but also understood.

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  • Standard sizes mean faster retrofits of hazardous area enclosures

    Hazardous area enclosures protect electrical components from possible damage, for example due to contact with corroding chemicals, but when you want to upgrade existing Zone 1 equipment, you want the installation process to be as fast and easy as possible. Quick installation into an already existing location minimises the need for more extensive structural work and also reduces the time that maintenance workers and installation engineers have to spend inside the perimeter of the hazardous area itself. One way to speed up retrofits of hazardous area enclosures is to make sure you buy equipment that conforms to standard industry sizes; that way, any existing fixtures and fittings should need little to no modification when you swap out your old exe enclosures for new ones. The Hawke EA (Easy Access) range of exe enclosures is one example that meets this demand, with a sloped front face that provides 55% greater aperture for easy hand access during installation. Each Hawke EA enclosure has a QR code affixed to it which, when scanned, gives your installation team more information about the product - this can be swapped for a unique item tag or identifier during installation, so that you can immediately include your new exe enclosure in planned maintenance schedules.

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