Demand across the European cable management market is driving growth in sales of distribution boards, conduit systems, junction boxes, trunking, cable trays and bus boards, as well as other cable management systems, according to a new report.

Allied Market Research published their latest analysis of the market in June 2018, looking back to the start of the recession nearly a decade ago, and looking ahead to how the market is likely to fare by 2024 and beyond.

“The European inflation rate of 1.5%, which was constant during 2017, propels industrial development and domestic demand across the European nations,” the report states. “This, in turn, drives the demand for cable management systems in the European region.”

The cable management market has end-users in many different sectors, from mining and marine, to energy and manufacturing, giving it a broad customer base across the continent, and since 2012 ongoing economic recovery has brought Europe to GDP growth of 2.4%, according to Allied Market Research’s statistics.

Cable management systems for hazardous areas are one part of this, providing important shielding for electrical cables from environmental conditions ranging from weather and water ingress, to Zone 0 equipment where the risk of explosion is at its highest.