Sliced Design, Sliced Cost and Sliced Installation Time

What has been added to the PL5 Range?

The PL511 is the latest addition to the brand new PL5 range of GRP Increased Safety Enclosures, aimed at reducing purchase cost and installation time.

Installing and wiring a small enclosure can be a tedious task, with installation space often at a premium, the process can be slow and hard work. Problems with installation are often exacerbated in cold offshore environments where dexterity is inhibited.

Given that small enclosures are used for the most common electrical distribution applications, this is a problem that effects large volumes of installers throughout the Ex industry. The new PL511 enclosure has arrived to all but eradicate this problem.

The dropped lid body design, slices through the enclosure wall, exposing the terminals and providing easy access for wiring. This increased access also allows for terminations to be fully visually inspected.

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