The Electronics Department develops and markets electronic components for industrial automation, process automation and energy production. These components are used both inside and outside of the electrical cabinet.
The focus of the electronics sector is on processing digital and analogue signals. These signals can be converted, standardised, protected and prepared for communication. For these purposes, we offer signal converters and input/output devices for Fieldbus communications based on Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus.
Product solutions are also available for the following fields: surge protection, protecting and amplifying digital signals, supplying devices inside and outside of the electrical cabinet, Ethernet data communication and for pre-assembled system cables.

All of these products feature a mechanically convenient installation process, an optimised handling of electrical connections and safe wire connections. The products themselves are well suited for harsh industrial applications. They are suitable for use in a large range of operating temperatures and feature excellent resistance against electromagnetic interference.
With this portfolio, the Electronics Department features products which cover the full industrial applications spectrum for the transferring and conditioning of power, signals and data.