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Voltage Testers - and Absence of Voltage Testers - are a crucial component in ensuring the safety of electrical workers before and during electrical installation and maintenance work.

A device such as the Panduit VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Tester is permanently mounted in place and provides a push-button way to check that circuitry is fully de-energised before the electrical enclosure is opened.

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    Sensor cables run from the VeriSafe AVT to each phase of the circuit, or to the live, neutral and ground wires of a single-phase circuit. The Voltage Tester also has its own ground connection.

    When an active voltage is detected, red indicators illuminate on the front panel for L1, L2 and L3, the three sensor connections.

    In the absence of a live voltage, these lights go out. However, the circuit must still be tested to verify that it has been de-energised, and this can be done with a single press of the test button.

    The VeriSafe AVT will then cycle through a self-test and check the circuit voltage on each phase, before lighting a green indicator to signify that it is safe to open the electrical enclosure.

    One-touch Voltage Testers like the VeriSafe AVT ensure compliance and correct testing, eliminating the risk of human error in the testing process and improving the safety of personnel working on and around electrical circuits.