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Industrial Cable Glands
153/Universal Cable Gland
Hawke 453 Universal Cable Gland

153/Universal Cable Gland Hawke

Availability: In stock

Armoured, SWA, Braided, Tape Armour

from £12.47 excl. VAT

153/Universal Cable Gland Details


Outdoor or indoor use.

For use with single wire armour ‘W’, wire braid ‘X’, aluminium strip armour ‘Y’ and steel tape armour ‘Z’ elastomer and plastic insulated cables.

For particular use with cables that exhibit ‘cold flow’ characteristics.


Provides armour clamping using one clamping arrangement for all armour/braid types.

Provides a diaphragm seal on the cables inner sheath which will not damage cable that has ‘cold flow’ characteristics.

Provides an outer deluge seal to prevent moisture ingress to the cable armour/braid.

Provides a cable retention and low smoke and fume, zero halogen seal onto the cables outer sheath.

Materials & Finishes

The 153/Universal cable gland is manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.

Hawke 153 Univ A M20
Part Number: HBG153U20A

Low stock

Hawke 153 Univ B M25
Part Number: HBG153U25B

3 in stock

Hawke 153 Univ C M32
Part Number: HBG153U32C

Low stock

Hawke 153 Univ C2 M40
Part Number: HBG153U40C2

Low stock

Hawke 153 Univ D M50
Part Number: HBG153U50D

Low stock

Hawke 153 Univ E M63
Part Number: HBG153U63E

Low stock

Hawke 153 Univ F M75
Part Number: HBG153U75F

Low stock

Hawke 153 Univ O M20
Part Number: HBG153U20O

1 in stock

Hawke 153 Univ OS M20
Part Number: HBG153U20OS

14 in stock

Material / TypeBrass

Technical Data

Construction and Test Standards:

EN 50262, BS 6121 : Part 1 Type E1W, E1X, E1Y and E1Z.

Ingress Protection:

IP66, IP67 and IP 68 (30 metres for 7 days) to IEC/EN 60529.

Operating Temperature Range:

-60°C to +80°C

Deluge Protection to:


Assembly Instruction Sheet:

AI 372 (Sizes Os to F).

AI 303 (Sizes G to J).

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Industrial Cable Glands
153/Universal Cable Gland