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Analogue Signal Converters
Weidmuller ACT20M

ACT20M-CI-CO-ILP-S Weidmuller

Part Number: 1176070000

Availability: 2 in stock

ACT20M, Passive isolator, Screw connection

£115.12 excl. VAT

ACT20M-CI-CO-ILP-S Details

The ACT20M-CI-CO-ILP, MCZ CCC and WAS5 CCC LP are 1/2-channel passive isolators that are supplied via the input loop current. They are optionally available in 6 mm (ACT20M/ MCZ series) or 17.5 mm (WAS5 CCC LP) housings. 

The input and output circuits are completely, electrically isolated from each other. The passive isolators are designed with 1 or 2 channels. International approvals (such as ATEX Zone 2, UL C1D2 and FM Div2) permit use in explosion-risk zones. 

Passive isolators are used to electrically isolate normalised signals (from 0/4 to 20 mA).The modules get their power supply from the current loop on the input side. The power for signal transmission and supply comes from the active 0/4–20 mA signal. They have very low current consumption and can be used anywhere in the field where no suitable power supply is available. These devices are used in a variety of application processes as signal isolators and signal multipliers. They can be used to eliminate measurement errors caused by differences in earth potentials.

Accuracy< 0.1 % of measuring range
Galvanic isolationPassive isolator
Mounting railTS 35
Power consumption, max.30 mW per channel
Step response time≤ 5 ms
Supply voltageLoop powered, via 4...20 mA input
Temperature coefficient≤ 0.01 % / °C
Type of connectionScrew connection

Standard signal passive isolator

1-channel passive isolator in 6.1 mm width input-loop powered,

for transmitting and isolating analogue DC current signals 0/4...20 mA.

Add-on housing for TS35 rail mounting

Dimensions: L/W/H 114.3/ 6.1/ 112.5 mm

Screw connection / Nominal cross-section 2.5 mm2Protection degree: IP 20   

Input                          0/4...20 mA

Output                                              0/4...20 mA

Load resistance             < 600 Ohm

Transmission error               < 0,1 % v. E. 

Limit frequency 100 Hz

Auxiliary power                                     0/4...20 mA input current loop

Power loss approx. 0.9 W


temperature range -25 °C...+70 °C

Isolation                                 EN 61010-1, 2-way isolation up to 2.5 kV AC/DC

Test voltage                               2.5 kV input against output against auxiliary power


voltage                                          300 V AC/DC at overvoltage category II and pollution degree 2

Approvals cULus, FM Div2, ATEX Zone2, DNV, GL

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Analogue Signal Converters