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Analogue Signal Converters
Weidmuller ACT20M

ACT20M-CI-CO-OLP-S Weidmuller

Part Number: 1176040000

Availability: 2 in stock

ACT20M, Signal converter/insulator, Screw connection

£115.12 excl. VAT

ACT20M-CI-CO-OLP-S Details

The ACT20M-CI-CO-OLP, WAS/WAZ5 OLP signal isolator/splitter (2-wire system) is supplied via the output current loop and has an analogue DC current input. The 1- and 2-channel signal isolators are supplied from the current loop. They are available in the 6.1 mm (ACT20M series) or 17.5 mm (WAVESERIES) housings.

The input and output circuits are electrically isolated from each other. 

The power is supplied via the 4–20 mA current loop on the output side.

The devices come optionally in a splitter version with two loop-fed outputs.

The devices can be mounted on a DIN rail and consume minimal power. 

International approvals (such as ATEX Zone 2, UL C1D2 and FM Div2) permit use in explosion-risk zones. 

Signal converters with output-loop power supplies are used in a variety of application processes as signal isolators and signal multipliers (splitters) and signal amplifiers. They can be used to eliminate measurement errors caused by differences in earth potentials.

Accuracy< 0.05 % of measuring range
Galvanic isolationPassive isolator
Mounting railTS 35
Power consumption, max.30 mW per channel
Step response time≤ 5 ms
Supply voltageOutput loop powered
Temperature coefficient≤±0.02 µA x (Δ °C x V supply) @ Tamb > 25 °C
Type of connectionScrew connection

Standard signal isolating amplifier

1-channel signal isolating amplifier in 6.1 mm width output-loop powered,

for transmitting and isolating analogue DC current signals 0/4...20 mA.

Add-on housing for TS35 rail mounting

Dimensions: L/W/H 114.3/ 6.1/ 112.5 mm

Screw connection / Nominal cross-section 2.5 mm2Protection degree: IP 20   

Input                         0/4...20 mA

Output                                             0/4...20 mA

Load resistance             < 600 Ohm

Transmission error             < 0,1 % v. E. 

Limit frequency 100 Hz

Auxiliary power                                     0/4...20 mA output current loop

Power loss approx. 0.9 W


temperature range -25 °C...+70 °C

Isolation                                EN 61010-1, 2-way isolation up to 2.5 kV AC/DC

Test voltage                               2.5 kV input against output against auxiliary power


voltage                                          300 V AC/DC at overvoltage category II and pollution degree 2

Approvals cULus, FM Div2, ATEX Zone2, DNV, GL

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Analogue Signal Converters