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Pendant / Wellglass
Chalmit Eclipse Junior Well-Glass
Chalmit Eclipse Junior Well-Glass
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Chalmit Eclipse Junior Well-Glass Chalmit

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Ex nA nR Zone 2

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Chalmit Eclipse Junior Well-Glass Details

The eclipse junior is a Zone 2 well-glass luminaire suitable for high pressure discharge lamps up to 70W and GLS lamps up to 150W. 

It has a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium body, heat resistant glass cover with stainless steel fasteners. The Eclipse Junior is tested to IP66 and is suitable for use in harsh and hazardous environments.

The protection method is Ex nAR incorporating a restricted breathing lamp chamber and an unrestricted control gear and terminal housing. This removes the need for special cable or glands. The lamp-glass has a screwed thread for quick access. The main enclosure containing the control gear hinges on the mounting part but is not fastened to it. This allows ready access to the terminals and the easy removal of the control gear and lamp enclosure if maintenance is needed. 

There is a range of wall, surface and stanchion mountings integrated into the designs, please refer to the datasheet for further details. This small well-glass offers a compact lighting solution for use where all round lighting is needed in positions having limited space and access.


  • GOST-R Approved
  • CEPEL Approved
  • Ambient temperature range: -30ºC to +55ºC
Type of Protection     Ex nA nR (Non-sparking, Restricted Breathing)
Area Classification     Zone 2 areas
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 3 G
ATEX     Type Examination Certificate BAS04ATEX0393X
Coding     Ex II 3 G Ex nAR II 

(refer to datasheet for T class and Ambient)

Enclosure     Painted aluminium body with glass globe. Silicone rubber gasket. Stainless steel fasteners
Entry     2 x M20 cable entries
Termination     3 core 6mm² max. conductor with looping
Installation     Ceiling, wall or stanchion mounting
Lampholder     E27 or G24q
Lamp Type     HPS, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapour, CF or GLS
Control Gear     Internal copper/iron ballast with ignitor and PFC correction capacitor
Relamping     Access via sealed lamp chamber
Burning Position     Up to 25° off vertical
Ingress Protection     IP66
Electrical Supply     220, 230, 240, 254V 50Hz - 70 & 80W (HID)

220, 230, 240V 50Hz - 50, 100 & 125W (HID)

240V 50Hz - CF

250Vmax. 150W GLS

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Pendant / Wellglass
Chalmit Eclipse Junior Well-Glass