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Chalmit NexLED Emergency LED Bulkhead
Chalmit NexLED Emergency Luminaire
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Chalmit NexLED Emergency LED Bulkhead Chalmit

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Ex e mb Bulkhead Zone 1 & 21

from £600.02 excl. VAT

Chalmit NexLED Emergency LED Bulkhead Details

The NexLED bulkhead luminaire utilises high output 1 Watt light emitting diodes (LED's) that provide a white, instant light that is highly visible.

Bulkheads offer a compact and versatile solution for many applications, especially in exposed conditions with high levels of dust and moisture. The enclosure is corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium with a toughened glass cover, silicone rubber sealing gasket and stainless steel fixings. The product can be fitted with either two or eight low power LED's making the NexLED an efficient luminaire for both mains and emergency mode operation from the backup battery. The use of LED technology means that light output in emergency mode is identical to mains operation, lamps switch off for one second when the mains fail then restart to indicate battery operation.

The bulkhead is simple to install, easy to maintain and durable. The LED's are more efficient than incandescent and most tungsten halogen lights and operate for up to 80000 hours eliminating relamping in many applications. This new lamp technology emits no heat forward, no ultra violet light, is mercury free and is not susceptible to vibration. Suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures from -45°C to +55°C  with light output unaffected by low temperatures. Where emergency lighting is required in ambient temperatures below -5°C the NexLED is available with a heated battery compartment which maintains the batteries at the required temperature to sustain emergency duration.


  • ATEX Certified
  • GOST Approved
  • IECEx Compliant
NexLED LED Emergency Bulkhead
Part Number: NELE/201/LE/EM

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NexLED LED Emergency Bulkhead
Part Number: NELE/801/LE/EM

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Type of Protection     Ex e ib mb (Increased Safety, Intrinsically Safe, Encapsulated)
Area Classification     Zone 1 and Zone 21 areas
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 2 GD
IECEx     IECEx BAS09.0062
ATEX     EC Type Examination Certificate Baseefa04ATEX0245
Coding     Ex II 2 GD Ex e ib mb IIC T4
Enclosure     LM6 aluminium, RAL-9005 black matt fine textured epoxy paint finish

with toughened glass and silicone gasket

Reflector/Geartray     Brushed Aluminium
Entry     2 x M20 Cable Entries
Termination     4 core 4mm² max conductor with looping
Installation     Surface Mounted
Lamp Type     2 x 1W LEDs - Colour: White

8 x 1W LEDs - Colour: White

Control Gear     Electronic
Relamping     Not required, maintenance free
Burning Position     Universal
Ingress Protection     IP66/67 to EN 60529
Electrical Supply     110V-254V AC/DC
Battery     Ni-Cd (6V)
Duration     2W version - 3 hours

8W version - 90 minutes

Emergency Output     100%
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Chalmit NexLED Emergency LED Bulkhead