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Cable Cleats
Prysmian Claw Cleat
Prysmian Claw Cleat
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Prysmian Claw Cleat Prysmian

Availability: In stock

Claw Cleat (Aluminium) 370 Series

from £2.43 excl. VAT

Prysmian Claw Cleat Details

The aluminium claw cleat is an LUL approved cable cleat which is the superior choice for industrial or outdoor areas.

Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for use with cable diameters 10 to 51mm.
  • Can be stacked to a maximum of three on one fixing.
  • Can be used for all types of cable routes.
  • Plain finish - for normal industrial areas or outdoor 
  • Unpolluted areas. 
  • Epoxy coated versions available for harsher environments.
  • LUL APR Product ID 1959.
Bicon 370BA01 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA01

42 in stock

Bicon 370BA02 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA02

Low stock

Bicon 370BA03 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA03

Low stock

Bicon 370BA04 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA04

Low stock

Bicon 370BA05 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA05

Low stock

Bicon 370BA06 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA06

39 in stock

Bicon 370BA07 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA07

50 in stock

Bicon 370BA08 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA08

110 in stock

Bicon 370BA09 Clawcleat
Part Number: BICC370BA09

50 in stock

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Cable Cleats
Prysmian Claw Cleat