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Up to 30 Watts Exde, Weatherproof

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MEDC DB16 Details

This range of loudspeakers, intended for use in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres, has a power rating of up to 30 Watts and is suitable for use in the harsh environmental conditions found offshore and onshore in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

With an integral increased safety chamber, for termination, this unit offers both high output and easy installation.

In addition, the 25 Watt version still offers superior output with a higher ambient certified temperature (+65°C).

The flamepaths, flare and body, are manufactured from a UV stable glass reinforced polyester. Stainless steel screws and mounting stirrup are incorporated to ensure a corrosion-free product.


  • Zone 1, Zone 2 & non-Ex use.
  • UL listed for USA and Canada
  • Hazardous locations:
  • Class I, Div 2, Groups A-D*
  • Class I, Zone 1, AExde IIB/IIC T3/T4*
  • Ordinary locations: Signalling Speaker
  • Exde IIB/IIC, T3/T4*.
  • ATEX approved, Ex II 2G/Ex II 2GD*.
  • IECEx apprived Gb, Db.
  • BASEEFA certified.
  • GOST ‘K’certified.
  • Brazilian (Inmetro) certified.
  • IP66, IP67, NEMA 4x & 6.
  • Certified temperature:
  • –50°C to +65°C*.
  • –67°F to +104°F*.
  • GRP corrosion-free flamepath.
  • Up to 122dBA at 30 Watts at 1 metre*.
  • Up to 112dBA at 30 Watts at 10 feet*.
  • 25 and 30 Watt versions.
  • Power tappings via integral transformer.
  • Ratcheted swivel mounting stirrup.
  • Stainless steel fixtures.
  • 100V line or 8Ω

*Model dependent

CertificationATEX, IECEx, UL, GOST ‘K’, Inmetro
Explosion ProtectionATEX Ex II 2G, Exde IIB T3

ATEX Ex II 2GD, Exde IIC T110°C

Area ClassificationZone 1, Zone 2 & non-Ex use.
Certified Ambient Temperature-50°C to +65°C (25W)
 -50°C to +40°C (30W)
Ingress ProtectionIP66 & IP67
MaterialCorrosion-free GRP
Output (IBB Version)1W/1m is 110dBA
 25W/1m is 121dBA
 30W/1m is 122dBA
Output (ICC Version)3dBA less than IIB versions
 See data sheet for additional output
EntriesUp to 2 x 20mm or 2 x 25mm
Tappings @ 30 Watts30, 25, 12, 6, 4, 2
OptionsBody colour, 30W or 25W, transformer, tag & duty labels.

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