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Stainless Steel Enclosures
Hawke EA 'Easy Access' Enclosure
EA 231513
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Hawke EA 'Easy Access' Enclosure Hawke

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Increased Safety Exe / Dual Certified ATEX - IECEx

from £161.00 excl. VAT

Hawke EA 'Easy Access' Enclosure Details

The Exe Easy Access range is designed to increase productivity. Its radical sloped face design and cut away sides allow for easier and faster installation and maintenance than ever before.

All Easy Access Enclosures are globally certified for use in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 by ATEX, IECEX, EAC TC RU and INMETRO, to provide you with peace of mind when operating in harsh and hazardous environments.

Main Product Features

Faster Installation - Cut away sides enabling increased hand access for faster installation, providing on average 35% extra space over competition enclosures (up to 55%).

Easy Inspection - See exactly what you’ve installed, without walls getting in the way

Familiar Footprints - All 9 EA sizes follow industry standards, so you can easily switch out or retrofit your current Enclosures for the EA range 

Drop Hazard Reduction - The removable hinged lid with added retaining pins prevents the lid from being dropped from height 

Internationally Approved - Certified for Exe Increased Safety For use in Zone 1/2, 21/22: ATEX / IECEX / EAC TC RU / INMETRO

Materials & Finishes

The EA Enclosure is available in Stainless Steel or Mild Steel. Please refer to the ‘MEA Range’ in your enquiry if you’d like to discuss the Mild Steel Enclosure.

Rapid Custom Assembly Service Available for this product.........Contact us with your requirements

EA2315131 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA2315131GPSS

Low stock

EA2626201 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA2626201GPSS

Low stock

EA303020 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA3030201GPSS

Low stock

EA352620 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA3526201GPSS

Low stock

EA403020 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA4030201GPSS

Low stock

EA463820 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA4638201GPSS

Low stock

EA484820 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA4848201GPSS

Low stock

EA553522 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA5535221GPSS

Low stock

EA624522 1 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA6245221GPSS

Low stock

EA231513 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA2315130GPSS

Low stock

EA262620 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA2626200GPSS

Low stock

EA303020 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA3030200GPSS

Low stock

EA352620 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA3526200GPSS

Low stock

EA403020 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA4030200GPSS

Low stock

EA463820 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA4638200GPSS

Low stock

EA484820 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA4848200GPSS

Low stock

EA553520 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA3535200GPSS

Low stock

EA624520 0 Gland Plate Stainless Steel
Part Number: EA6245200GPSS

Low stock

Enclosure RangeEA-Series

EA Series Enclosures Technical Information

Certification & Temperatures
Type of ProtectionIncreased Safety ex logoII 2 GD Exe IIC Gb, Extb IIIC Db
Area ClassificationSuitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22
AtexBaseefa08ATEX0208X, Baseefa08ATEX0207U (Z Type)
IECExIECEx BAS 08.0065X, IECEx BAS 08.0064U (Z Type)
Construction and Test StandardsIEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-7 and IEC/EN 60079-31
Ingress ProtectionIP66 to EN60529
Operating Temperature-60°C to +80°C
 EA 231513EA 262620EA 303020EA 352620EA 403020EA 463820EA 484820EA 553522EA 624522
Width (mm)152260300350400460480550620
Width (inches)5.98410.23611.81113.78015.74818.11018.89821.65454.409
Height (mm)230260300260300380480350450
Height (inches)9.05510.23611.81110.23611.81114.96118.89813.78017.717
Depth (mm)130200200200200200200220220
Depth (inches)5.1187.8747.8747.8747.8747.8747.8748.6618.661
Mounting Height (mm)152170203250247305327350450
Mounting Height (inches)5.9846.6937.9929.8439.72412.00812.87413.78017.717
Mounting Width (mm)178286332286326408506376476
Mounting Width (inches)7.00811.26013.07111.26012.83516.06319.92114.80318.740
Nett Weight2.229Kg4.074Kg4.931Kg4.789Kg5.614Kg7.033Kg8.481Kg7.682Kg9.711Kg
Materials & Features
MaterialStainless Steel 316L
FinishElectropolished as standard (Painted Finish Optional)
Gasket MaterialSilicone (One Piece - Closed Cell) - Superior reseal and recovery
Locking FeaturePadlockable Lid
Earth StudM10 Welded to Body

M6 Welded Inside Lid

Mounting FeetWelded to Body
Gland Plate3mm - Bottom Face Only
Assembly InstructionsEA: AI282

ZEA (Component): AI283

Installation Guidance
Gland Entries
On site installation of gland entriesThe customer may drill plain entry holes in the enclosure providing they are in accordance with the relevant code of practice and are to a recognised standard e.g. BSPP, ET etc. (Parallel threads only). Plain entry holes must maintain the following: 

a) The plain hole shall be no larger than 0.7mm above the major diameter of the entry thread. 

b) The cable gland or stopping plug is secured internally by a locknut, such that the cable gland or stopping plug will not be dislodged by a 7Nm impact. 

c) The enclosure should be maintained at IP66 by the use of a suitable sealing washer under the shoulder of the cable gland.

Mixed Gland EntriesFor guidance on mixed entries, please refer to the Hawke BoxHUBB enclosure configuratror for assitance with enclosure / entry placement design. A user account will need to be created to access. Alternatively contact Hawke Technical Sales for assistance
Stopping PlugsStopping Plugs can be instlled into spare entries and shall be held in place by a locknut
Terminal WiringIt is not permitted to fit more than one conductor per side in rail or direct mounted terminals unless using an insulated Bootlace Ferrule.
Terminal Heat DissipationTo ensure that the maximum temperature as permitted by certification is not exceeded, the dissipated wattage factor formula is used: W = N x F x I² (see enclosure wattage factor). For further details see Enclosure Dissipated Wattage
Intrinsically Safe CircuitsFor Intrinsically Safe Applications, Exe power terminals can be supplied in blue on request. (Note: The enclosure can either be supplied as Exe or Exia/Ex ib for instrinsically safe applications)
Terminal LinkingLinked and mixed terminal arrangements other than those specified in the data tables are available, but the voltage and current figures may be affected to ensure the maximum certified wattage factor is not exceeded. Please contact Hawke Technical Sales for more information.
Earth TerminalsThe enclosure is provided with an integral internal / external earth stud assembly, but when required, one or more rail mounted earth terminals may be fitted inside the enclosure but the quantity of power terminals shall be reduced accordingly. (Note: power terminals may be used as ‘clean earths’).
Terminal LimitationsTerminals for 16mm2 & 35mm2 conductors shall be installed on support rails directly mounted the enclosure base. Stand off pillars are not permisible for these terminal sizes
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Stainless Steel Enclosures
Hawke EA 'Easy Access' Enclosure