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Ex-LED Linear Retrofit module

Ex-LED Linear Retrofit module Eaton Crouse Hinds

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eLLK/M 92 LED 400/800

from £342.17 excl. VAT

Ex-LED Linear Retrofit module Details

eLLK/M 92 LED 400/800 / eLLK 92 LED 400/800 CG-S/NIB 

(Zone 1, 2, 21, 22)

The efficient solution for your lighting concept in hazardous areas

The explosion protected series of linear light fittings eLLK/M 92 LED 400/800 combines latest LED-lighting technique with the protection of a well proven enclosure solution. This combination is the ideal solution to solve the requirements of a reliable lighting in harsh and hazardous areas.

Latest lighting technology for a well proven light fitting

As a leading manufacturer of explosion protected light fittings we designed a revolutionary module with LED light source to fit into existing eLLK/M 92018/18 and eLLK/M 92036/36. This converts a traditional fluorescent light fitting into an LED light. The LED module allows also a retrofit of already installed eLLK/M 92 with the latest generation electronic ballast (EVG 09). A special designed reflector system prevents disability glare at low mounting heights. This also directs the light output of the high power LED chips to the working area respective measuring plane avoiding multi shadowing and light pollution. The LED system design and certification allows the use in the well proven Exe technology of eLLK/M 92. With the use of our electronic ballast EVG 09 as the driver we can refer to 20 years successful operation in harsh and hazardous environments.

The advantages of the LED Module:

  • Environmental friendly, no mercury
  • Shock and vibration resistant no filament or glass to break
  • Immediate start, instant full illumination
  • No life time reduction due to switching cycles
  • Reduced disposal costs

Energy and cost savings:

  • 20% energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps
  • Additional energy savings by operating on demand (Night-/day and presence-mode)• 
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to standard fluorescent lamps
  • Lower overall cost of ownership

Operating life

Expected operating life of a Cooper Crouse-Hinds LED module is 60,000 hours. This is a significant upgrade over traditional light sources.

Central monitoring

In the version CG-S this light fittings can be driven by a CEAG central emergency lighting system as single monitored luminaires. In case of danger this light fittings ensure the illumination of emergency and escape routes.

Decentral emergency lighting

The self contained luminaires eLLK 92LED 400/800 NIB ensures the decentralized mandatory emergency lighting. Especially in extensive facilities this light fittings offer significant cost savings.

Easy and cost saving installation

As well as all light fittings of the eLLK series the linear LED light fittings have a single-sided through-wiring as standard. In combination with the easy accessible terminal compartment this enables a cost saving installation of the light fitting. The central locking mechanism with 10 resp. 20 locks can be operated on both sides. So the protective bowl can be opened at both sides which allows a various mounting of the light fitting.


  • Can be retrofit into existing light fitting type eLLK/M 92 018/18
  • or eLLK/M 92036/36 (latest version)
  • Energy savings 20 % compared to fluorescent versions
  • Special reflector design with indirect light output to avoid disability glare and multi shadowing
  • Well-proven driver technology for more than 20 years
  • Selected LED chips with perfect binning, low power dissipation and long life span
  • Ex-e technology for easy maintenance
  • For environmental temperatures from -25 °C up to +45 °C

Ex-LED module for eLLK/eLLM 92018/18
Part Number: 12255213501

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Ex-LED module for eLLK/eLLM 92036/36
Part Number: 12256226501

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ManufacturerEaton Crouse Hinds
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Ex-LED Linear Retrofit module