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Portable / Handlamps
Ex-Torchlight Stabex HF

Ex-Torchlight Stabex HF Eaton Crouse Hinds

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with halogen lamp, without battery

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Ex-Torchlight Stabex HF Details

Explosion Protected Material - TorchlightThe Stabex HF and the Stabex HF-L range of explosion-protected torchlights meets the requirements of the ATEX-Directive 94/9/EG. The torchlights have been conceived for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2. The Stabex HF and HF-L are also for use in the Zone 20. Due to the temperature classification T5/ T4 these torchlights can be used in nearly any hazardous area. Because of their compact design, the torches are used for security patrols and inspection duties. The Stabex HF and HF-L models equipped with a halogen lamp can be uniformly focused for short and long ranges. The ergonomically designed light switch is easily operated by means of a sliding switch – even with safety gloves. The Stabex HF fitted with 2 dry cells size D. The Stabex HF-L model is equipped with an EEx e certified handle containing 2 NiCd accumulators, that can be recharged in the LG 493 charger. By replacing the complete handle with NiCd batteries, any new Stabex HF can be converted into a rechargeable version. Due to the special design of the battery housing, a special locking device is not required. Thus, the batteries can easily be replaced outside of the hazardous area, no special tool being required.

• Protection: Ex e ib IIC T4, IP66 / Ex tD A20 IP65 T90 °C 

• Permissible ambient temperature: -20°C to +40°C 

• Lamp / illuminant: 2.8V / 0.5A Halogen 

• Luminous flux: 17 lm 

• Battery:2 dry cells IEC 60086 R 20/LR 20 

• Rated operating duration: 12 h 

• Enclosure material: Polyamide 

ManufacturerEaton Crouse Hinds

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Portable / Handlamps
Ex-Torchlight Stabex HF