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Portable / Handlamps
Ex-Torchlight Stabex MO

Ex-Torchlight Stabex MO Eaton Crouse Hinds

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with incandescent lamp, without battery

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Ex-Torchlight Stabex MO Details

Explosion Protected Material - Torchlight

The Stabex M0 was specially developed as an inspection lamp for gas or empty mineral oil tanks where the permanent hazard of an explosive gas atmosphere exists. Furthermore it is also suitable for areas where long-term combustable dust/air mixtures are present. The Stabex M0 explosion-protected torch has specifically been approved for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas up to the temperature class T6, and also fulfills the ATEX-Directive 94/9/EG. The Zone 0 safety requirements are met, since a permanent overlapping of 2 to 3 explosion categories is provided for. The torchlight may be operated in the Zone 0 and Zone 20 without additional safety measures up to a height of 5 metres above ground level. After use, the lamp must not be left in the Zone 0 or Zone 20 hazardous areas. The rotary switch is designed for singlehanded operation. Even when safety gloves are worn, it can be operated without difficulty. The housing of the extremely robust torch is made of stainless steel and bronze which prevents the generation of ignitable sparks due to impact. The multipart front pane is made of mineral safety glass. The torch is equipped with 2 dry cells size D according 8 IEC 86 LR20 which are impact-protected by a metal sheath. 

• Protection: EEx ib ed IIC T6/T4, IP65 

• Incadescent lamp: 2.5V / 0.3A 

• Battery: 2 dry cells 

• Operating time: 12h 

• Weight: 2.2kg (without batteries) 

• Enclosure material: Stainless steel/bronze 

ManufacturerEaton Crouse Hinds

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Portable / Handlamps
Ex-Torchlight Stabex MO