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Rotating Beacons
FHF Rotating Mirror Beacons SLD1 / SLD2 / SLD3
Rotating Beacons

FHF Rotating Mirror Beacons SLD1 / SLD2 / SLD3 FHF Funke + Huster Fernsig GmbH

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Rotating Mirror Beacons

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FHF Rotating Mirror Beacons SLD1 / SLD2 / SLD3 Details

Optical signalling devices for use in noisy environments

  • Warning signal without noise
  • Continuous operation
  • Available for usual supply voltages
  • Blue and yellow light for 12 VDC or 24 VDC with general design approval for use on vehicles by the German traffic authorities


The rotating mirror beacons enable safe and reliable signalling in noisy environments. Indoors the signal is even noticed when the light source itself is not visible because the light flashes are reflected by walls and other objects. The SLD 1 and SLD 2 rotating mirror beacons use H1 halogen lamps 12 V, 55 W or 24 V, 70 W. The caps come in the colours transparent, red, amber, green and blue. The power supply and vibration absorbing mounting of the chassis of the SLD 3 rotating mirror beacon make it especially suitable for use on fork lift trucks. It comes in two version with a 36 VDC to 60 VDC or 80 VDC to 120 VDC power supply


The SLD 1 rotating mirror beacon is a version for mounting on horizontal surfaces. It can also be fitted on slightly sloping surfaces (for example top of a car) by placing a DPR rubber gasket between it and the surface. It can further be mounted on an ASFL extension flange placed on a vertical rod. The SLD 2 rotating mirror beacon can be mounted on an ASTR extension rod. The connection cable then runs through the extension rod. This beacon is intended for use on vehicles and is only available for operation on 12 VDC or 24 VDC power supplies

Technical specifications

Housing Plastic socket with die cast metal bottom (for SLD 1 and 3) and full-surface PVC sealing

Cap Plexiglass

Colours Transparent, red, amber, green, blue

Protection degree IP 54 (IEC 529)

Protection class I

Cable entry From below

Connection terminals Cross section: 2.5 mm2 single wire 1.5 mm2 fine wire

Operating conditions Indoors and outdoors

Operating position Mounted vertically on a horizontal surface, extension rod, wall holder, etc.

Operating mode Continuous

Reflector speed Approx. 180 rpm

Temperature range Operation -20 °C to +50 °C, Storage -30 °C to +70 °C

Approval German Federal Office ABG No. K 8697 (blue) for Motor Traffic ABG No. K 8698 (amber)

Weight SLD1 approx. 2.3 kg, SLD 1 12, 24 VDC approx. 1.4 kg, SLD 2 12, 24 VDC approx. 1.0 kg, SLD 3 approx. 2.0 kg

Rotating Mirror Beacon SLD1 230 VAC Amber
Part Number: FHF22200403

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Rotating Mirror Beacon SLD1 230 VAC Red
Part Number: FHF22200402

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Rotating Beacons
FHF Rotating Mirror Beacons SLD1 / SLD2 / SLD3