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Hawke Cable Gland Spanners
Hawke Cable Gland Spanner
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Hawke Cable Gland Spanners Hawke

Availability: In stock

Cable Gland Spanner

from £11.20 excl. VAT

Hawke Cable Gland Spanners Details

The Hawke range of Gland Spanners have been designed specifically for use with Hawke Cable Glands.


Easily install our market-leading selection of Cable Glands with the new range of Gland Spanners.

  • Individually sized for use with the full range of Hawke Cable Glands
  • Minimises injuries commonly found in installations using adjustable spanners or wrenches
O & A SIZE (Small & Larger Bodied M20)
Part Number: HMSZSPOA

23 in stock

B & C SIZE (M25 & M32)
Part Number: HMSZSPBC

25 in stock

C2 SIZE (M40)
Part Number: HMSZSPC2

11 in stock

D SIZE (M50)
Part Number: HMSZSPD

8 in stock

E SIZE (M63)
Part Number: HMSZSPE

3 in stock

F SIZE (M75)
Part Number: HMSZSPF

4 in stock

Hawke Spanner Set 6 Pieces
Part Number: HMSZSPSET

5 in stock

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Hawke Cable Gland Spanners