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The Hawke Universal Cable Gland has been Reloaded – WE HAVE LIFT OFF!

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The Industry’s favourite Cable Glands

When William Hawke carved his name into the first ever Hawke Cable Gland in July 1957 he established a legacy of engineering excellence. That legacy has continued for over 60 years. Loved by BP, Shell and many more, our Glands are renowned for their quality, strength and easy installation. But we’re always looking to improve them.

After extensive voice of the customer surveys, numerous prototypes and extensive in-house testing our Cable Gland range is ready to be reloaded. Maintaining the features that our customers know and love, the new range has been designed to make installationinspection and maintenance easier than ever before.

Features to look forward to

For over 60 years, our Glands have been renowned for their quality, safety and easy installation. Our new range maintains those features that our customers know and love, with a few extra features that make installation, inspection and maintenance easier than ever before.

  • World’s First Non-Metallic, Fully Inspectable and NEC Certified Barrier Solution
  • Convert a Standard Gland to Barrier Gland
  • Patented Integrated Gland Tightening Guide
  • Ingress Protection of IP66, IP67, IP68 and now IP69
  • Quick-Set 2-part Resin, Injectable Liquid Resin or Unique Compound-Free Barrier

Cable Glands Reloaded.

WE HAVE LIFT OFF! Discover glands so good, they’re space proof.