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Industrial Cable Glands
Index A2P Cable Gland

Index Elkay

Availability: In stock

A2P Cable Glands

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Index Details

The original Index Cable Gland provides high quality and improved performance for all applications. All glands in the range have been designed to offer superior mechanical properties. Additionally the INDEX CLAW has improved cable retention whilst the Index EMC cable gland terminates screened cables. Whilst providing EMC Shielding, the range includes glands with Metric,Pg and NPT threads.The Index A2P plastic cable gland was originally designed to meet the requirements of BS6121 Part 2 1989 and is capable of heavy duty applications as an alternative to metallic glands. The Index design offers many advanced features including an anti-rotation skid washer.

  • High performance glands.
  • IP68 Protection up to 15 Bar.
  • Superior material properties.
  • Multiple options for greater flexibility.
Part Number: ELK200-8160

16mm - Black


Low stock

Part Number: ELK200-8240

20mm - Black (max cable dia 8.0mm)


245 in stock

Part Number: ELK200-8320

20mm - Black (max cable dia 10.0mm)


Low stock

Part Number: ELK200-8400

20mm - Black (max cable dia 13.2mm)


21 in stock

Part Number: ELK200-8560

25mm - Black


Low stock

Part Number: ELK200-8640

32mm - Black


108 in stock

Part Number: ELK200-8720

40mm - Black


Low stock

Material / TypeNylon
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Industrial Cable Glands