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Metallic Adaptors & Reducers
M16 Male - ***
Raxton Reducer
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M16 Male - *** Raxton

Availability: In stock

Flameproof Exd & Increased Safety Exe, Dual Certified ATEX / IECEx

from £4.45 excl. VAT

M16 Male - *** Details

Raxton Adaptors & Reducers provide a means of connection between dissimilar thread forms or sizes.

Certified Adaptors / Reducers should be used following the basic rules in line with good engineering practice:- no more than one conversion adaptor / reducer should be used at one time on any given cable entry.

Standard adaptors & reducers have a hexagonal body, where space is a critical factor, they can be offered with a round body with a diameter equal to the A/F dimension of the standard item. Raxton adaptors & reducers are marked with the applicable approval number and size.

M16 - 1/2"NPT Exd & Exe Adaptor
Part Number: ABA1142Y

1 in stock

M16 - M16 Exd & Exe Adaptor
Part Number: ABA1111Y

Low stock

M16 - M20 Exd & Exe Adaptor
Part Number: ABA1112Y

7 in stock


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Metallic Adaptors & Reducers
M16 Male - ***