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End Seal Kits
nVent RAYCHEM E-100-L & E-100-L-E
Raychem E-100-E & E-100-L-E End Seal

nVent RAYCHEM E-100-L & E-100-L-E nVent Raychem

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End seal kit

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nVent RAYCHEM E-100-L & E-100-L-E Details


The RAYCHEM E-100-L end seal kit is a cold applied re-enterable end seal with light module available for use with RAYCHEM BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV or VPL parallel self-regulating heating cables. There is a non-lighted end seal option available (E-100-E).

The RAYCHEM E-100-L is approved for use in hazardous locations.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified design for use in hazardous areas
    • Integral part of the hazardous area system approval
    • One range for all RAYCHEM self-regulating cables
    • Sleek new design – unique lens and bright LED lights allow for increased visibility from all angles
    • Universal voltage Range of 100-277 VAC – for easy product selection and reduces inventory stock levels
    • Global Approvals – complies with the latest international standards
  • Fast installation and reliable operation
    • Heating cables are firmly kept in place by integral strain relief
    • Extremely rugged – made of a strong, molded part with 4 mm wall thickness
    • Double sealing, including a RAYCHEM end cap with non-curing sealant

ManufacturernVent Raychem


  1. All connection kits used to terminate heating cables, including power connectors, splices, tees, and connectors shall be approved for the respective area classification and approved as a system with the particular type of heating cable in use. Under no circumstances shall terminations be used which are manufactured by a vendor other than the cable manufacturer.
  2. In order to keep connections dry and corrosion resistant, connection kits shall be constructed of nonmetallic, electrostatic, charge-resistant, glass-filled, engineered polymer enclosure rated Type 4X (IP66). The connection kit stand shall allow for up to four inches (100 mm) of thermal insulation.
  3. Terminals shall be spring clamp wire connection type to provide reliable connection, maintenance-free operation, and ease of reentry.
  4. The connection kit shall use cold-applied materials and shall not require the use of a heat gun, torch, or hot work permit for installation.
  5. The connection kit shall be rated to a minimum installation temperature of -40°F (-40°C), minimum usage temperature of -40°F (-40°C), and maximum pipe temperature of 500°F (260°C).

For detailed product specifications, please refer to the product datasheet.

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End Seal Kits
nVent RAYCHEM E-100-L & E-100-L-E