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Omniflex Omni16C Intrinsically Safe Annunciator

Model C1480B-EX Ex ic Omni16 Intrinsically Safe Backlit Annunciator

  • Approved for use in Hazardous areas IEC60079-11 Ex ic I/IIC T4
  • 24Vdc Powered
  • Panel Mounted
  • IP54 Rated enclosure
  • Low Power Backlit LED displays
  • SIL 1 Rated to IEC61508
  • Atex Rated: II 3G Ex ic IICT4 Gc

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  • 24Vdc Powered
  • Selection of Backlit LED Board Colours
  • 16 Potential Free Contact Inputs
  • 27 Standard Alarm Sequences
  • User printed legends on laser printer
  • Complies with IEC 60079-0 / IEC 60079-11 Ex ic I/IIC T4

The Omni16 C1480B-EX Annunciator is an intrinsically safe backlit annunciator suitable for use in hazardous environments. The Omni16 once mounted is fully enclosed in a protective enclosure to allow location in the hazardous area.

The Omni16 accepts 16 potential free inputs and are individually DIP switch configured for N.O. or N.C. operation and a choice of 27 standard sequences. The four output relays can be configured as group alarm, horn output or watchdog. The group alarms can be configured to one of four functions ie. Follows Input, Follows Alarm , Multiple Reflash and Ringback Horn.
The entire operation of the unit is configured via DIP switches in “Switch-Set” mode. In “Soft-Set” mode the operation of the unit is configured using Omniflex’s Omniset Software.

The enclosure mounts around a panel cut-out which is made to accommodate the Omni16. The Omni16 is secured with jacking bars and stud holes are drilled surrounding the cut-out to accommodate the gasketed front cover. Once the Annunciator is mounted into the panel cut-out the gasketed rear enclosure is then bolted over the Annunciator from behind the panel ensuring a good seal on the front and rear of the panel.

The wiring and electrical connections are identical to the standard Omni16 except they enter the enclosure via glands on the housing. Up to 256 points can be combined into an alarm system.

Pushbutton and Horns
Suitable Rated Pushbuttons for Silence, Acknowledge, Reset, Test (ordered separately) are accommodated by wiring through the glands to the Omni16 Terminals.
Horns and beacons are accommodated the same way.

Compliance to Standards
The Omni16 C1480B-EX annunciator complies with the same standards as the standard Omni16 and has been assessed as suitable for use in SIL1 applications as specified in IEC61508.

The additional standards that the C1480B-EX complies with are the Explosion Protection standards: IEC60079-0 and IEC60079-11 (Ex ic) and the Atex standard: II 3G Ex ic IICT4 Gc

Backlit LED Display Boards
The C1480B-EX is only available in the 24Vdc backlit LED version. These LED Boards are available in Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green.

Repeat Relay Outputs
The optional Repeat Relay Board is NOT available in the C1480B-EX.


Download Omni16C Intrinsically Safe Annunciator Datasheet