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Signal & Escape
Victor Pathfinder VL114
Victor VL114 Pathfinder
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Victor Pathfinder VL114 Victor

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Ex e Fluorescent Zone 1 & Zone 21

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Victor Pathfinder VL114 Details

The pathfinder vl114 range of fluorescent luminaires are suitable for zone 1 ex e (Category 2) for increased safety lighting and are available in standard and emergency versions. It has a unique 'lamp in lid' design enabling direct inter-changability between standard and emergency versions. The emergency version features an 11W lamp and internal battery that provides illumination for 3 hours in the event of a power failure. The vl114 has a lightweight but robust low profile construction with IP68 sealing that can be mounted in any orientation.

The Pathfinder can be used for both on and offshore applications and is ideal for installation in areas where glass contamination is prohibited. The cover has fixings for exit signs that are either wall or ceiling mounted.

GOST Approved.

VL114 Zone 1 Pathfinder 1X11W
Part Number: PATE/111/CF

Low stock

VL114 Zone 1 Pathfinder 1X11W Emergency
Part Number: PATE/111/CF/EM

Low stock

VL114 Zone 1 Pathfinder 2X18W
Part Number: PATE/218/CF

4 in stock

Type of Protection     Ex em (Increased Safety, Encapsulation)
Area Classification     Zone 1 and Zone 21
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 2 G D
ATEX     SIRA03ATEX3556 T100ºC
Coding     II 2 GD EEx em II
Enclosure     Polycarbonate body and cover
Entry     2 x 20mm (others on request)
Termination     Up to 6mm² terminals for live, neutral, earth and looping provided.
Installation     Standard mounting is direct to the main housing
Lamp Type     11W and 18W component certified compact fluorescent lamps, factory fitted.
Control Gear     High Frequency
Relamping     Via
Burning Position     Universal
Ingress Protection     IP66/IP67/IP68* (*contact sales for further information)
Electrical Supply     VL114S: 220-254V, 50/60 Hz AC only (1x11W)

VL114S: 110-254V, 50/60 Hz AC/DC (2x18W)

VL114E: 220-254V, 50/60 Hz AC Only (1x11W)

Duration     3 hours
Emergency Output     11W non-maintained emergency light ouput: 423 lumens

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Signal & Escape
Victor Pathfinder VL114