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ToughMate Cable Glands
ToughMate E1W Cable Gland
FireMate E1W

ToughMate E1W Cable Gland Hawke

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ToughMate E1W Cable Gland Details

A robust and simple dual compression cable gland for applications using SWA or AWA cable in a heavy industrial environment which is exposed to dust or extreme weather conditions. All cable glands can be supplied with a shroud, lock nut, serrated washer and an earth tag.


Combining market-leading Cable Gland technology with superior industrial strength, the Toughmate E1W is packed with a range a features. Take a closer look at how the E1W can benefit your project:

  • Simple robust 5 piece dual compression cable gland
  • Simple mechanical clamping arrangement for all SWA and AWA cable
  • Ease of assembly
  • High quality materials with exceptional anti corrosion properties
  • Tested to the latest industrial standards
  • Excellent sealing range
  • EMC tested
  • All hexagon parts are the same size
  • Provides cable retention seal onto the cables Outer and Inner Sheath
  • Low smoke and fume, zero halogen seals and shroud available
Material / TypeBrass

Technical Data

Technical Data
Construction and Test Standards:BS EN 62444:2013

BS6121: Part 1 type E1W

Ingress Protection:IP66 IEC/EN 60529
Material:Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316L Stainless Steel with Neoprene Seal
Operating Temperature:Range: -60°C to +100°C
Clamping Arrangement:Two part armour clamp, dual compression seal inner and outer sheath
Earth:Electrical continuty using the armour wire termination (SWA, AWA)
Cable Type:Single Wire Armour SWA and AWA
Kit Information:Stand kit also available with a low smoke option. Use STD for Standard kit or LSF for low smoke
Assembly Instructions:AI 510

Note: Displacement or Compression seals do not prevent cold flow. IP seal required to maintain IP66.

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ToughMate Cable Glands
ToughMate E1W Cable Gland