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Pipe Clips
Unistrut P5790
Unistrut P5790

Unistrut P5790 Unistrut

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Pipe Clamps and Base Plates

POA excl. VAT

Product TypePipe Clamps & Base Plates


Part No.FinishSizeâ??Aâ?? (mm)â??Bâ?? (mm)Material SizeHole SizeBolt SizeWeight
P5790/1ZP15mm501525 x 37M6 x 250.12
P5790/10ZP125mm2052240 x 313M12 x 401.03
P5790/11ZP150mm2302240 x 313M12 x 401.13
P5790/2ZP20mm601525 x 37M6 x 250.13
P5790/3ZP25mm641525 x 37M6 x 250.14
P5790/4ZP32mm852030 x 311M10 x 300.26
P5790/5ZP40mm902030 x 311M10 x 300.25
P5790/6ZP50mm1152030 x 311M10 x 300.33
P5790/7ZP65mm1252240 x 311M10 x 300.43
P5790/8ZP80mm1372240 x 311M10 x 300.46
P5790/9ZP100mm1752240 x 313M12 x 400.61

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Pipe Clips
Unistrut P5790