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Vanguard VL34 LED
Victor VL34 LED
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Vanguard VL34 LED Victor

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Ex e Bulkhead Zone 1 & 21

from £781.28 excl. VAT

Vanguard VL34 LED Details

The VL34 is a Zone 1 hazardous area bulkhead that utilises the latest in LED technology. The use of LED's means that the Vanguard can proivide over 80,000 hours of continuous operation, making the luminaire effectively 'maintenance free'.

In line with current moves towards standardisation, the VL34 is designed to be compliant for both the ATEX and IEC Ex schemes.

The VL34 is available with a range of different coloured LED's. A green version of has been specifically designed for use as helideck perimiter lighting. This special /HE version meets the latest CAA (CAP 437) and ICAO guidelines for landing area lighting.

Accessories for this product include an optional wire guard (pictured) and an anti-bird spike to prevent nesting when horizontally surface mounted.

Part Number: VANE/801/EM

Low stock

Part Number: VANE/801/HE

Low stock

Type of Protection     Standard version: Ex e mb (Increased Safety, Encapsulation)

Emergency version: Ex e ibmb (Intrinsically Safety, Encapsulation)

Area Classification     Zone 1 and Zone 21
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 2 G D
IEC Ex     IECEx BAS.08.0038x
ATEX     Baseefa08ATEX0102x
Coding     II 2 GD Ex mb II T4
Enclosure     LM6 die cast aluminium, with epoxy paint finish.
Entry     3 x M20 Entries, two at one end and one at the other end.
Termination     6mm sq conductors.

Terminals for live, neutral & earth are provided. External earth as standard.

Lamp Type     8 x 1W L.E.D. (White or Green)
Ingress Protection     IP66 & IP67
Electrical Supply     110 - 254V AC/DC
Battery     Li-ion
Duration     3 Hours
Emergency Output     100%
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Vanguard VL34 LED