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Victor VL65A Floodlight

VL65A Victor

Availability: Enquire about stock

Ex d Floodlight Zone 1 & Zone 21

from 1p excl. VAT

VL65A Details

The vl65a is a compact mini floodlight with internal control gear. It has excellent photometrics from narrow, medium or wide bean patterns. As such it is ideally suited to a wide range of applications including:

  • Onshore & offshore
  • Tank Farms
  • Security & perimeter lighting
  • Industrial Environments

The VL65A's lightweight means it is easy to install and has a choice of ex d 

or ex e junction boxes. The following lamp options are available:

  • SON/T - 50W/70W
  • MBI - 70W
  • MFBU - 50W/80W/125W
  • Tungsten Halogen - 250W

GOST Approved.

VL65A Zone 1 Flood 125W MBFU
Part Number: V65D/125/MV

Low stock

VL65A Zone 1 Flood 250W T/H
Part Number: V65D/250/TH

Low stock

VL65A Zone 1 Flood 50W HPS
Part Number: V65D/050/HS

Low stock

VL65A Zone 1 Flood 50W MBFU
Part Number: V65D/050/MV

Low stock

VL65A Zone 1 Flood 70W HPS
Part Number: V65D/070/MS

Low stock

VL65A Zone 1 Flood 80W MBFU
Part Number: V65D/080/MV

Low stock

Type of Protection     Ex de (Flameproof, Increased Safety)
Area Classification     Zone 1 and Zone 21
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 2 G D
Coding     Ex II 2 GD EEx de IIB T3
Enclosure     LM6 aluminium, BS381C 692 smoke grey semi gloss smooth textured epoxy paint finish

toughened glass window and stainless steel fastenings.

Reflector/Geartray     Anodised aluminium
Entry     2 x M20 as standard, M25 also available. 

Others available on request.

Termination     Suitable for looping up to 6mm² conductors
Installation     Trunion bracket pre-drilled with 21mm dia central hole, 

2 x 13mm holes on 220mm centres for fixing.

Lamp Type     SON/T - 50W, 70W

MBI or MBI-T - 70W

MBUF - 50W, 80W, 125W

Tungsten Halogen - 250W max

Burning Position     Universal
Ingress Protection     IP66/IP67
Electrical Supply     Standard - 220V, 230V, 240V & 254V 50Hz multi tapped (factory wired 240V 50Hz)

Tungsten Halogen - 250V 60Hz also available

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