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Analogue Signal Converters
Weidmuller WAS4 PRO DC/DC

WAS4 PRO DC/DC Weidmuller

Part Number: 8560740000

Availability: Enquire about stock

Configurable DC Input / DC Output Signal Isolator

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WAS4 PRO DC/DC Details

The configurable WAS4/WAZ4 PRO DC/DC: a U/I- DCsignal isolating converter with external power supply in 12.5 mm width, for transmitting and isolating analogue DC current signals (±0.1...±100 mA) and voltage signals (±20 mV...±200 V). 

Up to 440 fixed input and output parameters can be configured using the DIP switches and potentiometer (span/offset). The input/output channels and power supply are completely isolated with 4 kV. 

Because of its 20...253 VAC/DC wide-range power supply, the PRO DC can be used in many applications regardless of its position. 

The signal isolating converter features an adjustable transmission frequency (10 Hz/10 kHz), low power dissipation, and a wide temperature range (-10 °C to +70 °C). 

The WAVETOOL software can be used as a universal setting aid.The WAVETOOL software found at can be used for configuration. The PRO DC is optionally available with screw or tensionclamp wire connections. The signal isolating converter has international approvals (cULus, cULusEX, ATEX Zone2, GL) which enable it to be used worldwide for many explosive-risk applications.

Accuracy< 0.2 %
ConfigurationDIP switch and potentiometer, with reference voltage/current sources
Galvanic isolation3-way isolator
Mounting railTS 35
Power consumptionca. 1 W
Step response time120 µs at limiting-frequency setting > 10 kHz, 75 ms at limiting-frequency setting < 10 Hz
Supply voltage22…230 V AC/DC +10 %
Temperature coefficient≤ 60 ppm/K of final value
Type of connectionScrew connection

Standard signal isolating converter, Zero/span compensation, calibrated selection 1-channel signal isolating converter: with 12.5 mm width and external power supply for transmitting and isolating analogue DC current (± 0.1 to ± 100 mA) and voltage signals (± 20 mV to ± 200 V).

Add-on housing for TS35 rail mounting

Dimensions: L/W/H 92.4/ 12.5/ 112.4 mm

Screw connection/ Nominal cross-section 2.5 mm2Protection degree: IP 20   

Input                        +/- 20mV...+/- 200 V, +/- 0.1 mA...+/- 100 mA

Output                                             0 … +/- 10 V, 0...+/- 20 mA

Selection range                             calibrated selection with DIP switches/ 440 ranges

Front-side calibration zero/span potentiometer  

Transmission error               < 0,2% v. E. 

Limit frequency 10 Hz / 10 kHz adjustable

Auxiliary power                                     22...230 V AC/DC +/- 10%

Power loss approx. 1 W


temperature range -10 °C...+70 °C

Secure isolation                   EN 50178, 3-way isolation up to 4 kV AC/DC of all circuits against each other

Test voltage                               5 kV (1.2/50 us)

Working voltage                     600 V AC/DC at overvoltage category III and pollution degree 2

Approvals cULus, GL

Type                                                             WAS4 PRO DC/DC

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Analogue Signal Converters