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Power Supplies
Weidmuller CP DC UPS 24V 40A
Weidmuller 1370040010

Weidmuller CP DC UPS 24V 40A Weidmuller

Part Number: 1370040010

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UPS Control Unit

£313.96 excl. VAT

Weidmuller CP DC UPS 24V 40A Details

The UPS control unit together with the associated battery module and the power supply unit form a complete DC UPS system. In normal operation, the input voltage from the UPS control unit is connected directly to the load. In the event of a mains failure (drop of the DC input voltage) the system switches instantly to battery operation. Once the mains supply has been restored, the system switches back to normal operation and the battery is fully recharged by the integrated charger.

Three relay outputs, as well as three additional active transistor outputs and a control input to lock battery operation, provide full remote control by means of SPS or DCS control. Numerous modes of operation and an easyto-use status display provide rapid fault diagnosis and optimum customisation to the application.

Product TypeUPS - Buffer, Control & Batteries
Buffer timesDepending on the connected battery
Clip-in footmetal
Current limiting> 120 % IN
Degree of efficiency≥ 96% normal mode, battery is being charged, ≥ 98% normal mode, battery is charged, ≥ 98% buffer mode
Housing versionMetal, corrosion resistant
Humidity5...95 %, no condensation
MTBF> 500,000 h acc. to IEC 1709 (SN29500
Mounting position, installation noticeHorizontal on TS35 mounting rail. 50 mm of clearance at top & bottom for air circ. Can mount side by side with no space in between.
Operating temperature-25 °C...70 °C
Power loss< 10 W
Protection against reverse voltages from the load32…34 V DC
Protection degreeIP20
Short-circuit protectionYes
Storage medium3.4 Ah, 7.2 Ah, 12 Ah, 17 Ah, Selectable with rotary switch
Surge voltage categoryIII
Weight1,000 g
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Power Supplies
Weidmuller CP DC UPS 24V 40A