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Electronics for Hazardous Areas

Many hazardous area products are electronic, but in this section we list the core components of a safe hazardous area electronics installation - power supplies, surge protection, IS signal converters and useful accessories.

Ex power supplies are PSUs designed for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas and in extreme conditions, including very wide temperature ranges and far below freezing point.

Surge protection for hazardous areas prevents overloading, including due to lightning strikes, and can help to reduce the risk of power loss, hardware damage and data loss following a surge or strike.

IS signal converters work with a variety of inputs to provide safe outputs for hazardous area equipment especially in explosion-risk areas - all while taking up only a minimal amount of cabinet space.

Finally, we stock electronics accessories for hazardous areas, including USB interfaces to allow signal converters to be calibrated and configured from a compatible PC.

Just take a look around this section for more details about any of these products, or contact us directly if you need something specific and it is not currently listed.

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