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Cable Transit Sealing Systems

Cable Transit Sealing Systems

The Hawke Transit System was first developed over 25 years ago to meet the harsh and hazardous demands of the North Sea Oil Industry. It has since developed for use in many diverse industries.

As a fire barrier it is a means to maintain the integrity of a firewall, bulkhead or deck through which cables, pipes and other services pass. It will also seal against and exhibit resistance to: Water, Gas, Smoke, Vermin, Radiation,Chemicals, Explosion, Ultra Violet Light, EMC and exhibits Noise attenuation properties.

The Hawke Transit System is the most user friendly modular sealing device on the market. It also boasts the best system compression. 

It does not need any on-site modifications. The cable blocks incorporate a colour coding system to minimize incorrect installation. 

The cable blocks have five sealing faces so that the best possible grip is achieved. 

The cable range is also marked on the blocks to aid with on-site inspect-ability.

Please note that ATEX certification is only required if you are installing the transit onto an Ex certified enclosure.

To watch a short video on Hawke Transit Systems, click here

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Cable Transit Sealing Systems