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Hazardous area heaters are the safe way to introduce warmth into a hazardous zone without raising the risk of fire or explosion.

They include air heaters for Zone 1 and Zone 2, industrial immersion heaters, flameproof water heaters, line heaters for liquid flow applications, plus temperature controls and thermostats to keep everything running at the desired temperature.

We stock hazardous area heaters by trusted brands including EXHEAT so you know that when you buy a heater certified for use in a particular hazardous zone, it will give you reliable protection at that level.

As our stock of thermostats and temperature controls is also manufactured by EXHEAT, this ensures maximum compatibility across the full range of controls and hazardous area heaters, so you benefit from the flexibility to choose the most suitable control system for your hazardous zone.

Choose automatic thermostats and air temperature sensors or opt for the EXHEAT Industrial Safe Area Standard Control System for direct operation of your heaters, including fault indicators, fault reset and a simple emergency stop push button for fast cut-off in the event of an emergency.

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