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CCTV Camera Stations

CCTV Camera StationsMEDC

Ex d CCTV camera stations are fully tested for use in hazardous areas including flammable atmospheres and zones at risk of explosion.

Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Business manufactures Ex d CCTV camera stations through its MEDC subsidiary based in Nottingham. Models include fixed camera stations, as well as pan, tilt and zoom camera stations with pendant mounts.

For full details of any of the mounting options, just click through to the specific product page for that model.

All MEDC CCTV camera stations sold by Cable Systems are certified by ATEX and IECEx for use in hazardous areas, allowing them to be installed in some of the most demanding environments.

This not only ensures that you do not endanger safety or increase the risk of an explosion by installing hazardous area CCTV camera stations; it also allows you to monitor the use of other hazardous area equipment in priority zones for both safety and security.

All pan tilt zoom models offer continuous rotation through 360 degrees for maximum field of view, and different zoom ranges are available too, plus models with optional visible light or infrared light source and additional washer/wiper tank.

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CCTV Camera Stations