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Exe Control Stations

Exe Control Stations


Cable Systems is a Certified Partner of Eaton Crouse-Hinds.   Eaton

After working hard updating the quality system to the requirements of IEC 80079-34 Cable Systems is proud to announce its approval to the standard and the issue of Quality Assurance Notification Certificate, Baseefa ATEX 3388 by SGS Baseefa Ltd.

This was a main requirement along with ISO 9001 to ensure the quality of our work and enable the company to assemble Ex Installation and Control Units for Cooper Crouse-Hinds GmbH.

Cable Systems provides customized solutions to suit your requirements.  Our Ex control and distribution systems can be designed in moulded plastic, light alloy and stainless steel. Optimization of the size and power dissipation of each system is made possible by the use of an innovative engineering software.

At the heart of every electrical system is the control station. CEAG control stations can be combined according to customer's specifications from numerous built-in components and are covered by type examination certificates. 

Typical Control Station combinations are shown below;-

             GHG41181                            GHG41182                               GHG41183

Ex-control unit GHG 411 81, 1 x key operated switchKey Operated Switch
 Ex-control unit GHG 411 82, 2 x pushbuttonStart / Stop
ghg41183Lamp / Start / Stop

This range of Exe enclosures offers a range of enclosure sizes, Exde components and cable entries. 

Available in 316 sheet stainless steel and in GRP, these enclosures offer a variety of sizes which will suit most applications. 

Pushbuttons, control switches, indicating lamps, meters, potentiometers and terminals can be fitted into the enclosures. 

Enclosures may be coupled together to form large control panels. The enclosures are suitable for use onshore or offshore where light weight combined with a high level of corrosion resistance is required.

                        GHG41                                                  GHG43                                                 GHG44x 23

GHG41GHG41181, GHG41182, GHG41183
GHG43GHG432, GHG434
GHG44GHG44423, GHG44823, GHG44923, GHG44723

CEAG explosion-protected control stations made of high-grade 316L stainless steel are designed to accommodate the built-in components. These stainless-steel control stations with electro-polished surfaces offer protection for applications in the offshore industry and at sites with especially severe mechanical, chemical and climatic conditions. 

CEAG flameproof built-in components, such as signal lamps, pushbuttons and switches, provide snap-on mounting on rails screwed into the enclosures. To facilitate insertion of cables into the entries, the built-in components can be snapped out of the enclosures. Notches in the mounting rails define the position of the built-in components and prevent them from being twisted out of place. 

Free mounting areas can be provided for retrofitting certified CEAG components. These are then factory sealed with blanking elements. 

                        GHG 414                                             GHG 414                                              GHG 44x 33

GHG44x 33GHG44433, GHG44833,GHG44923,GHG44723

In addition to the Control Stations we are also approved to assemble other CEAG Ex Certified products such as Distribution Boards and Junction Boxes.  All drilled, assembled and wired in our own workshops.

To find out more about Exe Control Stations from Cable Systems or to receive a quotation, simply contact Cable Systems directly or through our Contact Us page.

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Exe Control Stations