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Ex-Mo Motion Sensor

Ex-Mo Motion SensorEx-Mo

The Ex-Mo Motion Sensor is a groundbreaking microwave motion sensor for use in hazardous areas, conforming to ATEX and IECEx standards, and IP66 certification for use in Zone 1 and 21 gas and dust areas.

It works using a simple Doppler principle, which is safe for use in hazardous areas while also helping to reduce power consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions by switching off lights and other controlled devices when humans are not present.

Installation is easy and the optional Ex-Mo Mounting Bracket allows the sensor to be fixed to a wall or roof with a good overview of the target area, made even more precise by adjusting the angle of the mounting bracket.

With an Ex-Mo Motion Sensor, the presence of a moving person activates the switch, while a delay period determines when the attached devices will switch off again once movement is no longer detected.

Multiple Ex-Mo Motion Sensors can be configured using a single Ex-Mo Infra-Red Remote Control Unit, which is able to adjust the sensor's trigger conditions:

  • Light threshold
  • Movement threshold
  • Time delay

The Ex-Mo Infra-Red Remote Control Unit works from a maximum range of about 10 metres, allowing installed motion sensors to be reconfigured without direct physical access.

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Ex-Mo Motion Sensor