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Sounders / Horns

Sounders / HornsMEDC

Eaton`s Crouse-Hinds business - MEDC Sounders and Horns feature a variety of tone settings, voice messaging or traditional bells. Sounders and Horns are used to warn of potentially dangerous situations or to relay instructions.

In addition the alarms may operate as stand-alone units or be incorporated into a hazard warning system. A wide variety of sound output levels and other options are also available. The Sounders and Horns output in dB(A) is measured to European standards at 1 metre.

  • MEDC DB1

    MEDC DB1

    Exd, Weatherproof - Up to 113 dB(A)

  • MEDC DB12

    MEDC DB12

    Up to 110 dB(A) for Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments

  • MEDC DB15

    MEDC DB15

    Up to 117dB(A) Harsh Industrial & Marine Environments

  • MEDC DB3

    MEDC DB3

    Up to 118 dB(A) Exd(e), Weatherproof



    Up to 125dB, Ex d(e), Weatherproof



    Voice Sounders – Up to 110 dB(A) Exd(e), Weatherproof

  • MEDC DB5

    MEDC DB5

    Up to 103 dB(A) - Intrinsically Safe (Exia), Weatherproof

  • MEDC DB6

    MEDC DB6

    Alarm Bell – Up to 109 dB(A) Exd, Weatherproof

  • MEDC DB7

    MEDC DB7

    Up to 110 dB(A) - Intrinsically Safe (Exia), Weatherproof

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Sounders / Horns