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TelephonyFHF Funke + Huster Fernsig GmbH

Hazardous area telephony can be crucial in an emergency to allow you to quickly and safely make a call for rescue, recovery or repair, and our range of hazardous area telephones from FHF Funke + Huster Fernsig GmbH includes rugged wall-mounted and desktop units for Zone 1, 2, 22 and other explosion risk areas.

We have both analogue and VoIP sets, including Power over Ethernet compatible devices for locations where a mains electricity supply is unavailable but a PoE port is accessible.

These hazardous area telephones are designed for use in challenging environments, including exposed outdoor locations, but also include greater explosion-proof protection than our standard FHF weatherproof telephones.

Speed dial buttons allow emergency contact numbers to be stored directly and contacted at a single button press, while loud call tones mean incoming calls are easy to notice even in relatively rough conditions.

Check each product page for full details including which hazardous areas the handset is rated for, or visit our Weatherproof Telephones section for more rugged telephony equipment for use outside of explosion risk zones.

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