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Din-Rail Assemblies

Din-Rail Assemblies

rail assembly

Why not let Cable Systems build complete DIN rail terminal assemblies to your individual specification?

If you are building the same combination of DIN rail terminals on a regular basis it may save you time and money by purchasing as a ‘ready to fit’ assembly.  Even simple assemblies can be time consuming to build, from cutting the DIN rail to length to creating custom marking of each terminal.

Cable Systems can offer this service and advise on ways to improve your existing profiles which could reduce wiring times and physical size even further.  All assemblies can be ordered under a single part number and scheduled or called-off as required to meet planned production.

Custom Din Rail AssembliesCustom Din Rail Assemblies
RailExample Rail Assembly
raildesignWeidmuller Rail Designer Software

Benefits of complete DIN rail assemblies:

• Reduce stock holding – only buy what you need, when you need it

• Reduce purchasing cost – only order one part instead of multiple items

• Reduce labour cost – saves skilled work force time in cutting rail & assembly

• Reduce material waste – eliminates unused components

To find out more about Din-Rail Assemblies rail from Cable Systems or to receive a quotation, simply contact Cable Systems directly or through our Contact Us page.

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Din-Rail Assemblies