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Transformer Breathers

Transformer BreathersHawke

Why choose Hawke?

When specifying products used in critical electrical supply applications you need the utmost confidence. Hawke has many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of Desiccant Breathers to the electrical supply industry where control of humidity ingress is essential for the safe operation of large transformers.

Why choose a Hawke Desiccant Breather?

Hawke Desiccant Breathers are made up of four basic parts, making assembly as simple as possible and therefore keeping servicing time down to a minimum.

Hawke Breathers are filled with a Desiccant gel which changes colour from orange to clear as it absorbs water vapour. Attached to every Hawke Breather is a Desiccant colour change indicator, which allows easy assessment of the breather status. When the desiccant becomes saturated it can be reactivated or replaced, dependant on the type of breather.

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Transformer Breathers