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Eaton Crouse-Hinds ExLin LED Linear Light Fitting
CEAG ExLin Linear Luminaire
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Eaton Crouse-Hinds ExLin LED Linear Light Fitting Eaton Crouse Hinds

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CEAG ExLin LED Linear Light Fitting Zone 1/21

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Eaton Crouse-Hinds ExLin LED Linear Light Fitting Details

CEAG ExLin - LED technology at its best - COMING SOON!!

The new way of lighting in hazardous areas

Suitable for Zone 1 & 21 Hazardous Areas

The right light for any application

  • Lumen output ranging from 2400 lm up to 7200 lm, to replace up to 2x58 W fluorescent fitting
  • Choice of optic available (standard, wide and narrow) to get the light where you need it
  • Available with clear or frosted cover

Sophisticated design

  • Surface and profile designed to prevent accumulation of water and dust
  • Compact and slim design to save weight and space

Easy-to-retrofit without changing cables or fixing point

  • Replacement of ellk fitting 2x18 W, 2x36 W, 2x58 W with mounting kit

Easy maintenance to prolong the installation life and minimize the ecological footprint

  • Serviceable control gear and LED module
  • Control gear housing easily accessible

Robust light fitting for any application

  • Temperature from -40 °C up to +55 °C
  • For hazardous areas Zone 1/21

Outstanding efficiency

  • 120lm/W
  • Power factor > 0.9 for the complete range

Designed to last

Lifetime with > 120,000h

Contact our Sales Team for more information about this product as soon as it becomes available.

ManufacturerEaton Crouse Hinds

Certification : ATEX/IECEx 2G/2D

Gas Group : IIC

Permissible ambient temperature : -40°C up to +55°C with glass cover, -25°C up to +55°C with polycarbonate cover

Driver lifetime : C10 ~120,000 h at ta = +25°C

LED lifetime : L70 ~120,000 h at ta = +25°C

Rated voltage : 110 up to 254 V AC/DC

Frequency : 0/50 - 60 Hz

Power factor cos ϕ : ≥ 0.9

Circuit : Electronic driver

Protection class : I

Lamp / illuminant : LED System

Rated luminous flux ±10 % : 2400 lm / 4800 lm / 7200 lm

Light colour / CRI : 5000 K / 70 (80 on request)

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 770x201x115 mm / 931x201x115 mm

Enclosure colour : Grey/black

Enclosure material : Glass fibre reinforced polyester

Degree of protection accd. to EN 60529 : IP66/67

Protective cover / protective bowl : Toughened clear or opaque glass / Polycarbonate, clear or opaque

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Eaton Crouse-Hinds ExLin LED Linear Light Fitting