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Rail Mounted Terminals & Accessories

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Rail mounted terminals are a convenient way to connect multiple conductors in harsh and industrial areas, and the W-series from German manufacturer Weidmuller sets the standard for feed-through terminals.

We stock Weidmuller W-series feed-through terminals and WPE-series feed-through earth terminals in the appropriate yellow and green colour scheme, for quick connection of earthing cables to ensure safety of all kinds of hazardous area equipment.

Other than earth connections, the standard W-series feed-through terminals come in blue and beige, and can accommodate conductors ranging from 0.05 to 300 square mm cross-section.

Cross-connectors are ZQV pluggable or WQV screwable, and each terminal block contains a screw connection system and clamping yoke to hold conductors firmly in place.

Use W-series feed-through terminal blocks to join or connect multiple conductors, with connection levels insulated against each other or running on the same potential. You can even connect two conductors in the same clamping point, if they have the same diameter.

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