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Eaton Crouse-Hinds PXLED Floodlight

Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 Power Floodlight


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LED Floodlight with swivel bracket, type PXLED available in 49W, 98W, 147W, 196W, 245W, 294W options.

5 YEAR WARRANTY – For a demonstration of this product please contact us now!

Lighting under harsh conditions

The new modular LED floodlight series PXLED is suited for nearly every kind of lighting task in hazardous areas, including applications in On- and Offshore, heavy industrial, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, shipyards, dockyards, power generation, paper mills and wastewater treatment indoor and outdoor with potentially explosive areas under harsh conditions like vibrations, dust, moisture or corrosive atmospheres and extreme temperatures. The PXLED comes with a standard U-shaped mounting bracket for ceiling and wall mounting.

Replacement of conventional light fittings up to 600 W

With a luminous flux from 5,000 lm up to 32.000 lm this floodlight series can be used to replace nearly every floodlight with conventional light sources with an equivalent power consumption from 70 W up to 600 W.

High efficient LED technology

High efficient power LED module with 110 Lumen/Watt enables up to 70 % energy-cost savings compared to conventional HID lamp.

Safety first

All PXLED multi-module floodlights from size 10L to 30L are equipped with a multichannel LED driver. This driver provides for each LED-module a separate power channel circuit. Even if one circuit fails, all other LED-modules are still working.

Modular design – just use the size you need

Thanks to the modular design of the PXLED series you can exactly choose the lumen output you need. There is no need to over/underdesign your lighting project. Six sizes are available from nominal 5.000 lm to more than 30.000 lm with a stepwide of 5000 lm.

Easy to install

A stainless steel swivel bracket with adjustable setting angle allows an easy alignment of the floodlight. A fixing screw secures the alignment. The swivel bracket provides up to 5 Ø13 mm fixing holes for a safe assembly.

Together with two cable gland a large terminal compartment in Ex-e design allows cost saving through-wiring without additional terminal boxes.

The used Ex-e terminals can clamp up to 6 mm² wiring. Internal and external PE-terminals allows nearly all cabling technique.


  • High efficiency: up to110 lm/W
  • Operating temperature -50 °C up to 55 °C
  • Suitable for Explosion Group IIC / IIIC environment
  • Broad range of light output from 5,000 lm up to 32,000 lm
  • Wide and narrow beam pattern
  • Long lifetime
  • Ex-e compartment for driver & terminal for easy installation and maintenance

Eaton Crouse Hinds PXLED Floodlight Datasheet

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