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Hazardous Area Cable Glands

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Hazardous area cable glands provide for a wide variety of different applications including increased safety, explosion proofing, deluge resistance and flame proofing. With armoured and non-armoured cables both catered for, it's a category that leaves you well covered when it comes to terminating cables in some of the most challenging environments.

Cable glands are supplied in brass as standard; however where required, there are also stainless steel, nickel-plated and optional aluminium cable glands available.

Group I Mining cable glands are among the toughest available, built to withstand impacts and to prevent cables from being pulled out.Group II Hazardous Area cable glands are the first choice for general applications in hazardous areas away from mining environments. They terminate cables safely, with a gas-proof and weather-proof connection and grounding for the cable armour.

Cable Systems also supply Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed solutions for hazardous areas and safe areas alike, offering dual coverage by UL for NEC purposes and by SIRA for ATEX and IEC use.

Finally, our hazardous area cable gland accessories include washers, locknuts and earth plates, TPE shrouds and Hawke cable gland spanners - everything you need for a safe installation.