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Prysmian PVC Shrouds

PVC Cable Gland Shrouds for Environmental Protection


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PVC Shrouds

UV Resistant PVC Shrouds

Product Reflength AØBØClength DBWA1/A2CW/E TypeA2EXExcel
401PV01(Type A)1352254016/20ss/20s
401PV02(Type A)7324.5103220s2016/20ss/20s/20
401PV03(Type A)7828.51 2.53320
401PV05(Type A)1 233518442525
401PV06(Type A)1604326.7533232
401PV07(Type A)1 2056.5323740
401PV09(Type A)16274.535425063s63
401PV11(Type A)1 568038356363
401PV12(Type A)17589444075s/75
401PV13(Type A)18597604775s/75
401PV21(Type B)10824.51 2.75016/20ss
401PV22(Type B)1 1627.51 2.25320s
401PV23(Type B)14233.514432520
401PV25(Type B)1314017682532
401PV26(Type B)188491564403240
401PV27(Type B)17256.53285.550s/504050
401PV28(Type B)19268307250s
401PV29(Type B)19274.5357150
401PV31(Type B)19580387663s75s/75
401PV33(Type B)23497609775s/75
401PV34(Type B)192113.5381 1085
401PV36(Type B)302137.570137
401PV37(Type B)302143.585137
401PV52(Type B)14927.577520s
401PV53(Type B)1 7033.5147120
401PV55(Type B)14040177725
401PV56(Type B)21249158632
401PV57(Type B)189483210040
401PV59(Type B)23074.53510750
401PV61(Type B)228803810763
401PV63(Type B)260976012175
401PV71(Type B)14727.566816/20ss

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