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Loudspeakers are a core component in our line-up of audible and visual warning signals for hazardous areas, providing a way to raise the alarm that does not rely on line of sight and offers more sophistication than bells, horns and sirens.

With a hazardous area loudspeaker, you have a safe way to transmit your choice of audio over a harsh environment, high-risk zone or industrial area.

Some examples of audio you might choose to broadcast include:

  • Pre-recorded warning messages
  • Live vocal alarms and public address
  • Evacuation instructions
  • Sirens and other sound effects
  • Background music

It's entirely your choice. For example, you might choose to play music during normal operations, which you can interrupt with an alarm tone, pre-recorded evacuation advice or live voice broadcast in an emergency.

Audible and visual warning signals can be used in combination for comprehensive coverage. While our loudspeakers are capable of volumes around 100dB (A), adding high-intensity signal lights can help to reinforce the impact of an alarm state.

Loudspeakers for hazardous areas

Cable Systems stock hazardous area loudspeakers by Eaton Crouse-Hinds, with present-day products in this category building on the expertise of legacy brands like MEDC and Wheelock.

You benefit from decades of research and development, with modern-day technological advancements that allow you to put your complete faith in the safety of your hazardous area loudspeakers on a daily basis.

All products are fully certified for use in hazardous areas, with detailed information about IP ratings, operating temperatures and Zone/Group characteristics available on the Technical Info tab and downloadable datasheets.

With loudspeakers rated right up to Group IIB+H2 and IIC, even the most high-risk explosive environments can be equipped with audible alarms without introducing a source of ignition.

Designed for ease of use

Once installed in a high-risk area, it's likely that you'll want your hazardous area loudspeakers to function reliably with a minimum of maintenance in the years to come.

Each loudspeaker in our catalogue is designed to deliver on this demand, with low-profile designs including easy-to-mount ceiling loudspeakers, and optional mounting on the wall, ceiling or on a pole as appropriate.

Field-selectable input voltages mean no matter where you are installing your loudspeakers, you can rely on them to be compatible with the available power supply at the moment of installation.

And with high-efficiency sound output, you can run your hazardous area speakers at audible volume levels over an extended period of time, without consuming an excessive amount of energy.

Find out more

You'll find comprehensive information about all of Cable Systems' loudspeakers, along with our other audible and visual warning signals, on our website under the Technical Info and Downloads tabs on each product's page.

If you have any questions that are not already covered by the documentation and datasheets, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. Equally, if you would like us to suggest a suitable loudspeaker for a particular application or environment, just ask.