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Safety Switches & Isolators

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Safety switches are used to reliably isolate the power supply on electrical installations and apparatus during maintenance, cleaning and repair work.

Main current switches are used to operate drives, motors and other electrical equipment.

Star-delta starters, reversing starters and pole-changing switches (Dahlander switches) can be implemented with CEAG main current switches.

Motors have to be protected against over loads, phase failures and over heating: CEAG power circuit breakers and manual motor starters feature phase-failure protection as well as thermal and electromagnetic tripping for reliable motor protection. CEAG manual motor starters have such a precise tripping time that they are equally suited for the protection of Ex-e as well as Ex-d motors – to put you on the safe side.

Customised version on request, auxiliary contacts in Ex ia available 

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CEAG safety features
Safety and main current switches can be protected against inadvertent switching on by our integrated locking facility for up to three padlocks in the OFF position. To prevent manipulations, the enclosure covers cannot be opened in the locked position without destroying the enclosure itself.