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Ex-Mo Motion Sensor

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The Ex-Mo Hazardous Area Motion Sensor is an ATEX/IECEx certified motion sensor designed to operate in (up to and including) Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas and where IP66 protection is needed.

It is a microwave motion sensor that uses the Doppler principle, providing focused and directional motion detection over an average range of about 20 metres.

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    With a built-in ambient light detector, Ex-Mo can be configured to activate at a certain level of background light, so it is only active when it is needed – perfect for controlling high-level lighting, for example.

    As personnel and vehicles move towards or away from the detector, the Doppler effect detects this motion and the control signal is triggered.

    The result means hazardous area equipment is only turned on when it is needed, whether that is overhead lighting or any other relevant devices such as heating and ventilation.

    Operators save on energy consumption, carbon emissions and business utility bills, while safeguarding personnel with the confidence that lights will turn on when they are needed.

    To find out more about the Ex-Mo Motion Sensor, secure and adjustable Ex-Mo Mounting Bracket, and hazardous area certified Ex-Mo Infra-Red Remote Control, ask for your quote today.