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Cable Transit Sealing Systems

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When you need to lay cables or pipes across the perimeter of a hazardous area or harsh industrial area, Cable Transit Sealing Systems allow you to do so with an impenetrable physical barrier in place.

They work by encasing pipes and cables in square modules with a tight seal, before these modules are inserted into a transit frame of the appropriate size and shape.

Cable Systems supply Cable Transit Sealing Systems from respected manufacturers such as Hawke and Roxtec, and in a variety of sizes and shapes.

We stock circular transit frames for marine applications, as well as square transit frames suitable for a single cable or to accept multiple cable modules under compression.

Combined with lubricants to maximise the seal between the modules and the frame, plus Roxtec Stayplates and wedges to keep the modules securely in place, you are left with a solid barrier against pests, gas/water leaks and fire hazards.

Choose any of our Roxtec Sealing Systems and Hawke Cable Transit Systems on this page for more information, including how-to installation videos and full product details for everything we stock.