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Drilling activities represent one of the largest areas of demand for hazardous area equipment, with both onshore oil and gas fields and offshore rigs requiring comprehensive protection against a variety of risks.

These range from hazardous materials – including vapours from drilling activities – to the physical threats of harsh and industrial environments.

Cable Systems’ portfolio of products is ideal for the kinds of harsh environments encountered during drilling operations, with an extensive list of robust, reliable and globally certified products across many different categories.


Ex Lighting for Drilling Rigs

With round-the-clock activity in the presence of flammable and explosive vapours, explosion-proof lighting for drilling rigs is an essential investment.

Our range of hazardous area lighting includes high-level lighting, floodlights, bulkhead lights, emergency lighting, portable hand lamps and more, so that no matter where you are working on an oil rig or drilling platform, you can see safely.

For more general applications where the environment is harsh but not specifically hazardous, we also supply rugged industrial lighting, with IP ratings for different weather-related and ingress risks.


Hazardous Area Telephones

Maintain immediate lines of communication in hazardous areas, including high-risk Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas, with VoIP and analogue hazardous area telephones.

These include telephones for explosive atmospheres, ATEX and IECEx certified telephones, and models suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

In settings where ordinary landline equipment, mobile phones and cell phones cannot be used, these hazardous area telephones can be a literal lifeline in an emergency.


Audio and Visual Warnings

Alert personnel to an immediate threat using bright visual warnings and loud audio alarms, which can be seen and heard even in the challenging conditions sometimes experienced on an offshore drilling rig or during remote onshore activities.

Industrial alarm systems represent a large category of strobes, beacons, ‘traffic lights’ indicators, audible alarms, sounders and loudspeakers, and can also include the hazardous area telephones mentioned above, as a way of communicating directly.

Visible and audible warnings should be used in combination. Bright visual indicators may require line of sight, but can provide valuable directional information, whereas audio alarms can be harder to miss, but also less direction-specific.


Harsh & Hazardous Enclosures

Enclosures are a great way to protect electrical equipment against ingress risks from the outside environment, while also protecting the environment from a potential source of ignition.

Cable Systems supply a variety of enclosures suitable for drilling activities:

Whatever risks you face in your drilling activities, these enclosures can protect against fire and explosion, chemicals and corrosion, mechanical impacts, rain, sunlight and UV.


Find Out More

For more information about any of the products mentioned above, please visit the relevant department on our website for downloadable datasheets and technical specifications, or just ask.

If there are any items not mentioned on this page that you require for safe drilling activities, contact our technical team directly or just use the search box to check our extensive product portfolio.